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Our Restaurant

Our organic, vegetarian and vegan restaurant Mataer Terrae welcomes you!

Have you read "vegetarian" and you are not inspired? Don’t worry about it, we will not fill your plate with tofu or seaweed! We will instead delight your palate with natural seasonal products and unique recipes based on art, creativity and innovation!

Our strenght?

Certainly the choice of our Managing Director Roberto Vannoni to open the doors of the Mater Terrae restaurant solely to organic and seasonal products.

What about our Executive Chef?

We are pleased to introduce you to Ettore Moliteo, a pupil of Chef Leemann and the Executive Chef of our restaurant Mater Terrae. Born and raised in the beautiful Sicily, he firmly believes that eating in a conscious and smart way is fundamental, and that choosing vegetarian and organic food is an act of care to both yourself and the environment.


Menu and Opening Time

We offer our valued guests two Menus, one from our Gourmet Restaurant and one from the Mater Terrae Bistrot.

Opening time

Mater Terrae Bar:
From Monday to Sunday
from 11am to 23.00pm
Cocktail-Bar Menu

Mater Terrae Gourmet Restaurant:
From Tuesday to Sunday
from 12am to 3pm (last order 2.30pm)
from 7.30am to 11pm (last order 10pm)
à la Carte Menu

Room service:
Every day from 7am to 11pm


Some data

Did you know that in 2015 in Italy sales of pesticide reached 136,055 tons and that this year there was an increase after more than ten years of decrease? (Ispra data).

And what about butchery? A few years ago, the FAO estimated that around 56 billion animals are bred and killed for food consumption worldwide each year. On the basis of these data, the LAV (Italian Animal Rights Association) published a study which proves that if you avoid eating meat for one day a week, you can save 12 million animals and 910 square meters of forest in one year.

Hence our organic, vegetarian and vegan choice. The Hotel Raphaël and the restaurant Mater Terrae are pleased to be part of 6.2% of the Italian vegetarian population who experienced significant growth compared to 2017 (1.6%).


La Manuelina

We are pleased to inform our valued guests that since January 2018 we have been collaborating with the historic restaurant "La Manuelina" of the Carbone family, famous for its excellent Focaccia with Recco cheese.

The Focaccia with Recco Cheese was invented by the great-grandmother Manuelina in her simple Inn in Recco, located betweenGenova and Portofino in the magnificent Gulf of Tigullio, at the end of the nineteenth century, exactly in the 1885.

It’s a magical Recipe as from simple ingredients like flour, water, oil and cheese measured out wisely, worked with ability and cooked at high temperature, one can obtain a real prodigy of lightness and fragrance.

Mater Terrae encourages people to relax and abandon themselves to the widespread wellbeing which permeates every dish. Our healthy recipes are good both for you and the environment.

In the end ”a winner is a dreamer who never gives up" (Nelson Mandela)

So let’s dream together and help us "win" a better world!